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Paranormal Ozarks Investigations is a scientific paranormal research team located in Springdale Arkansas. Our team investigates reports of unexplained phenomena throughout the Ozarks region of Arkansas and Missouri, as well as in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Some people call us ghost hunters, because the majority of reports we investigate would be classified as hauntings. However, POI also actively investigates Bigfoot and other Cryptozoological reports as well as researching Ozark Legends like the Ozark Howler, the Wampus Cat, the White River Monster, and the various spooklights throughout the Ozarks.

By whatever name, our mission is the same: we gather data using scientific methods and equipment, we do background research on locations, we debunk the evidence we gather, and we analyze the results to try to identify the root causes behind unexplained activity and experiences.

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Some of Our Investigations

Villisca Axe
Murder House

The Lemp Mansion

An Arkansas Tuberculosis

Prairie Grove
Battlefield Park

Eastern State Penn.

The Joplin Spooklight