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Who Are We?

Paranormal Ozarks Investigations is a professional group of people who have banded together to pursue their common interest in unexplained phenomena. We are not a spiritual institution; we are a research organization. We do not, as a group, profess any beliefs or agendas, but instead we concentrate on collecting as much objective data as possible and let that data lead each individual to their own conclusions. Our team is bound together by its dedication to the scientific collection and analysis of data as well as our love for history, lore, and the unexplained.

Our team conducts investigations at locations with reports of unexplained phenomena. Some of these locations are historical or public places; some of them are private locations. We always get permission before investigating a location and there is never a charge for our investigations... we even bring the late night snacks! If you would like more information, please contact us!

Our Team
Rick has been fascinated with the mysterious and unexplained aspects of our universe his whole life. From childhood, he has experienced strange events, most of which remain unexplained to this day. Rick's defining moment with the paranormal occurred while in college when an apparition appeared in front of him and his cat also reacted to it. Experiences like these have driven Rick in his research of unexplained phenomena. In early 2007, Rick founded Paranormal Ozarks Investigations with his wife Laurie to further the scientific research of the unexplained.

A 1990 graduate of Truman State University in Kirksville Missouri, Rick has a degree in Physics with a strong background in Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Computer Science. Rick is currently employed in the Information Technology department of a Fortune 500 CPG company. In his spare time, Rick enjoys spending time with his family and friends in such diverse activites as astronomy, computer gaming, geocaching, music, and sports.

Although Laurie has never had what she would call an definining experience with a supernatural entity, she firmly believes in other forms of existence beyond this physical realm, and that entities can remain in contact with us after they've moved on. She considers her spiritual balance to be an important priority, and uses prayer and intuition to guide her through this life. Laurie's favorite things about paranormal investigating are the people she meets, and collecting EVP evidence. She thinks its great to join Rick in doing something he loves and she loves seeing him get excited and seeing his eyes light up when the batteries are loaded and cameras are set!

A 2007 graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville Arkansas, Laurie has a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She also has a strong background in theatre, music, and art. Laurie is currently employed by a non-profit organization as a fundraising coordinator. Other than spending time with her family, in her spare time, she enjoys creating handmade items that she sells in her shop and building her portfolio of personal essays and short stories.

For Matt, paranormal research is so much more than an exercise in gathering data and debunking the strange phenomena with rational explanations. Throughout Matt’s life, whether in Arkansas, Utah, or Washington, Matt has witnessed strange and unexplained events – sometimes with other witnesses who validated the phenomena. After many of these intense personal experiences, Matt has joined POI to apply his analytical and skeptical mind to unexplained cases in the Ozarks.

A native of Rogers, Arkansas, Matt served in the Military and the National Guard before beginning his current tenure at the largest retailer in the world. Although he enjoys spending time with his hobbies that include paranormal research, outdoor treks, and music, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife Heidi and their two sons most of all.

From shadow figures in doorways to radios spontaneously changing stations, Heidi has lived with strange, unexplained events her whole life. Heidi’s search goes beyond just verifying her experiences to seeking the causes for such activity. Together with her husband of over 10 years, Matt, she has joined POI to continue her quest for understanding.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Heidi lived in Washington most of her life before moving to Arkansas ten years ago. She works in the financial department of a very large retailer. Heidi is the proud mother of two wonderful boys.

(Bio coming soon!)

Several paranormal experiences over the last two and a half decades has left Randy with a deep fascination for the paranormal. As a police officer for the vast majority of his adult life, Randy has a drive to search for the truth and to gather good solid data to support any evidence of activity. With POI, Randy hopes to collect evidence of real paranormal activity and to help advance the field of paranormal investigations.

Originally Star City, a small town in Southern Arkansas, Randy and his wife moved to the beautiful Northwest part of the state in 2005. Randy has been a police officer for nearly 20 years and enjoys many hobbies, including: metal detecting, hiking/backpacking, camping, “ghost hunting”, and of course enjoying Razorback sports with his wife. Randy is currently pusuing a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

Raised in the Ozarks with a family that enjoyed watching scary movies, Brian was always taught as a child that the things in scary movies were not real. While serving in the United States Marine Corps in the Pacific Northwest, Brian had his first individual and shared paranormal experience. He subsequently learned that many people have had the same experiences that he was told were not real.

Brian searched for answers about the paranormal by studying various religions, occult beliefs, common stories, and scientific law. Being relatively new to paranormal investigations, Brian uses his 11 years experience in law enforcement, as well as his degree in Psychology, to search for clues to explain the paranormal and to help the individuals affected by their experiences.

(Bio coming soon!)

Team Pictures

(2012) The team stops for a couple quick pictures while setting up cameras at an Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium.

(2011) The POI team survives spending the night in the Villisca Axe Murder house!

(2009) POI at the McArthur Museum of Military History

(2009) Is something happening? POI at the McArthur Museum of Military History

(2009) The POI team and the RVPRI team investigating the Prairie Grove Battlefield.

(2008) No, Rick Les and Matt are not sleeping,
they're investigating the Arkansas Air Museum!

(2008) The girls' turn! Laurie, Katie, and Heidi investigating at the Arkansas Air Museum.